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With the recent crisis of radiation contamination in Japan and E.coli outbreak in Europe and food incidences such as melamine contamination in China and DEHP contamination in Taiwan, concern over global food safety is rapidly escalating both nationally and internationally.? The International Food Safety Association (IFSA) has a mission to ensure and promote food safety practices along the food chain from farm to fork. The Association provides a platform for experience sharing among food safety professionals and the food trade through education, conferences, workshops, plant visits, expert practices and related activities. Through alliances with the Mainland and overseas food safety bodies, we hope to further promote the China Food Safety Directive within the food industry.

最近幾年環球食品安全危機日益增加,並被受各國及國際關注,例如日本核電廠輻射洩漏污染食物鏈事件,歐洲大腸桿菌污染食物事件,中國三聚氰胺污染嬰兒奶粉事件,台灣塑化劑-鄰苯二甲酸二酯污染飲品事件等等。國際食品安全協會的使命, 提升香港整體食品安全意識達至國際水平,為確保及推動食物鏈由農場到餐桌的安全,加強食品製造業的安全意識及認知。協會希望透過培訓、工廠參觀、專家的意見及食物安全規範等等,提供給業界一個分享經驗的平台。協會更希望透過與中國及海外食品協會的結盟, 在業界中加?推廣中國食品安全法。




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